Environment and Safety

What is QHSE?(QHSE : Quality, Health, Safety and Environment Magagement System)

QHSE stands for quality, health & safety, and environment and we have developed an integrated OHSE Program
to satisfy the system requirements of international standards, including ISO9001 (Quality),
ISO14001(Environment), and OHSAS 18001(Safety & Health).
All members engaging in all activities related to collectiong/transporting wastes, treatment,
oxidized copper production, and other services are dedicated to customer satisfaction, environmental preservation, and stability.

Environment, Safety, Public Health

Since 2000, we have provided optimal environmental solutions to satisfy the historical and social trends of environmental preservation.
We have understood that public health, safety, and environmental protection are essential for all businesses
and are enhancing the value of our business among our employees, customers, and the community.

We the leader of industry, we will comply with legal standards, suggest desirable standard models, and work closely with the society.
Our priorities are always "the safety of each employee and prevention of pollution by minimizing internal/external environmental impact."

For these purposes, we will build a health, safety, and environment management system
to pursue our goal, measure and review our performance for constant improvement.
Also, we will listen to the voices our stakeholders to operate the Company based on transparent management.

Understanding that the CEO is responsible for health, safety, and environment management,
I will provide all required human and financial resources to uphold our policies and
I hereby give OHSE Team Leader and his team members the responsibilities and authority to manage them.

We operate a system where harmful material discharge is monitored in real-time and preventive facilities are operated
efficiently to minimize harmful material discharge in relation to the related
affiliates of the Ministry of Environment to ensure complete transparency in waste treatment.